Q & A [English]

Membership & registration

I don’t live in Japan, do I need to make a membership registration?
Yes, it is necessary. Click “新規会員登録(new member registration button)” of orange at the top page, please have your procedure.
I forgot my Password.
You need to re-register the password, please fill out our account information retrieval form.
If I want to edit the contents of the membership registration, and what should I do?
Access and change your mycuoca account information. ※You can not change your gender and birthdate.

How to order

1. Choose the product from our website, and click the “カートに入れる(add to cart button)” of orange for each product you want.

add to cart button

2. Go to “カートの中身を見る(the contents of the cart)”page, then click the “ご注文手続きへ(checkout button)” of yellow when you decide your order.

checkout button

3. You will find the Log-in Page, and enter your email address and password.

  • ※If you do not have a membership registration, click the “ご注文手続きへ(new member registration button)” of right side , you register first.
membership or new member

4. To move on to the next page, choose a shipping address, click on the yellow button below it.

shipping address

5. To move on to the more next page, choose the payment method and the date you recieve order items.

6. Check your order once again, click on the yellow button if there is no mistake.


7. You have completed your order. Please check have received your order completion mail to e-mail address.

After I enter the zip code and the error message’ its wrong’ is displayed. What should I do?
There is a possibility of the zip code other than the website of Japan Post.Please check the link below. [ → JP Post ]

How to pay & more

Can I choose what kind of payment method.
Overseas customers, there is only credit card payment.
Is there a duty-free service?
The online shop does not do the duty-free service. Only Nihombashi Mitsukoshi shop have a duty-free service.

Shopping & delivery

Do you send it out overseas?
We do not have international shipping unfortunately. If you want to receive our items, please refer to the following method.

- Use the overseas transfer service.

- People living in Japan received your order items, then transfer to overseas. - When you come to Japan, to receive your order items in the accommodation or hotel.
If I get delivered to the hotel in Japan, is there any thing to be careful?
Yes, In the case of sending it to the hotel in Japan, please check the following contents. - Write your exact hotel name - Addressee name to be the same as the accommodation’s name - Only credit card payment - Tell your items arrives to the hotel side - Only no refrigeration items
After I order, how many days will it receive?
We will send out within 4 days from the date of order.
Can I specify a delivery date and time?
You can choose a delivery date and time up to 16 days after the order date.

Cancellation & returns

Can you cancel or order contents change?
Only the status of “ご注文完了(completing your order)” in mycuoca, you can cancel or change your order.
Can I return order items?
Yes, you can. We accept the returned items if the following conditions. ※Service is limited to the domestic. - Arrival date is within 15 days - Unused, Unopened - Only no refrigeration items - No sales items